A few days after we published our call to help kick start the OpenX Source Plugin Ecosystem, OpenX.org released a new plugin that enables users to deliver video ads directly through their OpenX Source Ad Server.

OpenX Product Manager James Kung writes on the OpenX blog:

This plugin represents significant progress, both in terms of the types of ad formats you can manage through any OpenX Source ad server and in terms of the extensibility of OpenX Source as a foundation for your ad serving. (…) Since this is the first version of the OpenX Source Video Plugin, it is intended to serve your own video ads only and does not include the ability to integrate video ads coming from ad networks. We will be working to evolve the plugin to include more features like this in the next version.

The plugin follows the VAST standard for video ads that have been established by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and works in pair with any video player that can support the addition of a VAST plugin.