Now that PHP7 has been released and has proved to be stable and worth upgrading to, you might be wondering if the plugins developed by are compatible. Here’s the current status:

All the plugins we developed, have successfully been tested to be compatible with PHP7. Still, if you notice anything peculiar that might hint at an incompatibility we did not spot, feel free to let us know, so we can improve it.

Many of our plugins are shipped in an encoded form, and require a free PHP extension to be installed on your server to decode them. This encoding is intended to protect our intellectual property. All details about this can be found here: loader.

Unfortunately, SourceGuardian Ltd has not yet shipped a version of their extension that is compatible with PHP7. We’ve contacted them, and they informed us that a new version is in the works, and is scheduled for release in May-June 2016.

For the time being, we recommend that you do not yet upgrade your server(s) from PHP5.x to PHP7, until such time that the SourceGuardian PHP extension is compatible with PHP7.

As soon as there is news about this, we will post a new blog with updates and recommendations.

Update July 4th, 2016: SourceGuardian have released their latest version of the encoding software and loaders, which is now also compatible with PHP7. We expect to be able to ship our plugins with full PHP7 compatibility starting in the second half of July 2016.

Update July 27, 2016: We just published a blog post with the good news that we now have full support for PHP7!