Demo of VidiX VAST2.0 plugin for Revive Adserver

Below is a working demonstration of a pre-roll video ad integrated into an HTML5 video player, using Revive Adserver extended with the VidiX plugin. Just click the play button to see a pre-roll followed by a sample video.

Alternatively, you can put the very same pre-roll in the demo in your own VAST2 compliant video player and test if it works correctly:

This demo uses the VideoJS video player with the VAST2 plugin for VideoJS, both of which are free, open source products.


VidiX, the Advanced Video Ads plugin for Revive Adserver, costs 899 US$ for a lifetime license. This license fee includes all software upgrades released in the first year after the license is purchased. There is a software upgrade subscription that costs 15% of the initial purchase price per annum, to continue receiving software upgrades after the first year.