The Dashboard plugin for Revive Adserver helps you save time and effort by presenting all important information about your campaigns on a single screen.


The In-Banner Video Ads plugin for Revive Adserver simplifies the creation of in-banner video ad units.


BudgetiX enhances campaign types “Remnant” and “Override” so that you can define a daily maximum number of impressions.

Magic Geo

The Geolocation Magic Macros plugin for Revive Adserver, Magic Geo in short, enables you to dynamically insert the name of the geographic location of a visitor into a banner. This can be used both in the HTML code and in the destination URL.


TargetiX adds advanced retargeting and behavioral targeting functionality to Revive Adserver

Benefits of using plugins from AdserverPlugins.com:


True Plugins

No coding or manual database changes required


Developed by Professionals

Combined 40+ years Revive Adserver experience


Works with latest Revive Adserver

we check with every new release


PHP7 Compatible

and all other actively supported PHP versions