Plugins for Revive AdserverWe develop plugins to enhance and extend the functionality of the Revive Adserver software. Starting in 2009 with our first product, we now have a full range of professionally built, fully tested plugins, used by companies in dozens of countries on all continents.

About the team

The project was started in September 2009 by two experienced Revive Adserver specialists, Matteo Beccati and Erik Geurts, both also members of the Revive Adserver project team.

Matteo Beccati is an independent developer and consultant, based in Italy. He has been involved with the Revive Adserver open source project and most of its predecessors since 2001.
Erik Geurts is an independent consultant and hosting specialist, based in the north of The Netherlands. He has been active in the ad server community since 2003.
Matteo Beccati and Erik Geurts are also members of the Revive Adserver open source project team, together with Andrew Hill from Australia.