Standard plugins in Revive Adserver

Revive AdserverRevive Adserver v3.0 comes bundled as standard with a set of plugins. These plugins provide much of the standard functionality of the ad server.

The standard plugins provided are:

  • Revive Adserver Banner Types:
    This plugin adds the HTML and text ad banner types, on top of the ability to display images which is part of the basic software.
  • Revive Adserver Delivery Cache Store:
    Revive Adserverhas a caching mechanism, and this plugin provides the ability to store those cached files either on disk or in memory (memcached).
  • Revive Adserver Delivery Limitations:
    This plugin adds the delivery limitations to target ads based on computer and browser characteristics (like operating system and browser name), geographic location (like country or city), website specifics (like the URL of a webpage), and date and time (like date, day of week, or hour of day).
  • Revive Adserver Delivery Logs:
    This plugin provides the ability to log requests, impressions, clicks and conversions during ad delivery. This data is converted into the statistics that can be viewed from the user interface during the hourly maintenance process.
  • Revive Adserver Invocation Tags:
    This plugin is responsible for the creation and execution of the various types of invocation code, including asynchronous javascript, synchronous javascript, and iframe type code.
  • MaxMind GeoIP2:
    This plugin enables Revive Adserver to use data files provided by a company called MaxMind to perform lookups of IP addresses to geographical locations.
    For users interested in geotargeting, we suggest also taking a look at the free ‘MagicGeo’ plugin to dynamically insert location names into banners.
  • Revive Adserver Reports:
    This is plugin that adds the reports that can be found in the “Statistics / Advanced Reports” of the Revive Adserver system.
  • Revive Adserver Video Ads:
    Using this plugin, it is possible to display pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video advertising as well as overlay ads to supported video players. It was first introduced with the release of OpenX version 2.8.4.
  • Revive Adserver 3rd Party Servers:
    This plugin adds the ability to recognize and count clicks on ad tags that were provided from third party ad serving systems, including Google AdSense, DoubleClick and EyeBlaster. This plugin was discontinued with Revive Adserver v5.2.0.

When installing a copy of Revive Adserver, or when upgrading from an earlier version, these plugins will automatically be added to the system or upgraded from their earlier versions.

The plugin framework enables third party developers to add functionality to the core system by developing their own plugins.