VidiX Advanced Video Ads plugin will be open sourced in September 2023

The team at is pleased to announce that its popular VidiX plugin will be open sourced in September 2023, and that it will become an integral part of the Revive Adserver software.

This is the outcome of a collaboration between Aqua Platform and Revive Software and Services that was announced today.

VidiX - Video ads plugin for Revive Adserver

Aqua Platform, the company responsible for the range of products, recognizes the importance of the Revive Adserver software, which has enabled the creation and continuing growth of the company as a specialized hosting provider.

To help celebrate the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the first release of Revive Adserver in September 2013, we’re contributing the VidiX plugin to the open source project, enabling all users of the software to more effectively run their video advertising business.

With the release of the next version of Revive Adserver in September 2023, the VidiX plugin will become an integral part of the software for all users, and as a result also for all customers of Aqua Platform. It will also be made available to all subscribers of Revive Adserver Hosted edition in the coming weeks.

As a result of this collaboration, we will stop selling licenses of VidiX as soon as it has become available as a part of the Revive Adserver Download edition.

  • Anyone interested in using the VidiX plugin and willing to wait until September 2023, will not need to purchase a license anymore. Simply wait for the next major release of Revive Adserver, and you’ll find the video ads functionality as part of the downloadable software at that time.
  • In case you need the VAST2 functionality before September 2023, you can still purchase a license now, and the plugin will be delivered to you right away. There will also be a seamless update process in September 2023.
  • If you’ve purchased a license of VidiX in the past, you can continue to get technical support directly from for 12 months after your initial purchase.