Retargeting plugin for Revive Adserver: pricing

TargetiXWe have developed a simple pricing scheme for the Retargeting plugin for Revive Adserver.

Life time license: 3,000 Euro

A license that allows a buyer to install and run the Retargeting plugin in one instance of Revive Adserver costs 3,000 Euro for a lifetime license. Click this link to calculate how much that is in your own currency.

Included in this price are free software upgrades during the first year after the initial purchase.

After the first year, the right to use the plugin continues indefinitely, but software upgrades will no longer be provided free of charge.

Software upgrade subscription: 15% per annum from year 2

To continue receiving software upgrade, there is a software upgrade subscription. The subscription costs 15% of the initial license, so just 450 Euro per annum (calculate how much that is in your own currency).

Even without a software upgrade subscription, the license allows for the continued use of the software.

Software upgrade subscriptions are renewed automatically, but they can be canceled up to 5 days prior to the next renewal data.

License terms and conditions

A copy of the applicable License Terms & Conditions is available for download free of charge.

High Volume Extension

There is a ‘High Volume Extension’ that allows for storage of the retargeting data in cookies rather than in a table in the Revive Adserver database. The ‘Features‘ page has more information about the purpose and the functionality of the High volume extension.

The High Volume Extension for the Retargeting plugin is included in the license, and is available under the same license terms & conditions as the main plugin.

Special pricing for hosting providers and resellers

If you offer Revive Adserver hosting services to your clients, or if you want to be a reseller of the Retargeting plugin, we have a special multi-client discount licensing program. Please contact us to receive more information.

All prices mentioned here are exclusive of any applicable taxes.

Contact us for more information

If you are interested in the Retargeting plugin for Revive Adserver, we invite you to submit the form below. We will then contact you to discuss features, pricing, and licensing terms.