Revive Adserver in your CMS

Even though you don’t really need any special plugins, modules, or add-ons, to get your Revive Adserver ads displaying in your own website, some people might find it handy to do so anyway. Below is a list of candidates to consider for your site. Note: The projects mentioned below were not developed by us, the team at They are not part of the Revive Adserver project either. The fact that we mention them here does not mean we endorse them. As a matter of fact, we haven’t even tested them. This is just a public service to get you started in a search for a product that might meet your needs.

Revive Adserver in WordPress

Display Revive Ad Server ad campaigns anywhere on your WordPress website using Shortcodes. Supports Asynchronous JS, Javascript, and IFrame Invocation Code. Note: at the time of this writing, this WordPress plugin has not been updated by the author for at least 2 years. There are no reviews for this plugin, and it was in active use only about 100 times.

Revive Adserver in Drupal

The Revive Adserver module for Drupal provides a block and field, that render Revive Adserver Ad zones. Note: at the time of this writing, this Drupal module was a fairly recent development, and it did not appear to have a large user base yet.