Our Plugins:

This easy to use yet powerful Dashboard plugin for Revive Adserver provides a one-screen overview of all active campaigns, with a visual progress indicator to show if the campaigns are behind, ahead of or exactly on schedule.
The In-Banner Video Ads plugin for Revive Adserver simplifies the creation of in-banner video ad units. Just enter a few fields, and the plugin will take care of the HTML5 code to display a full featured in-banner video ad.
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The Campaign Daily Budget plugin for Revive Adserver has been designed to enhance the two campaign types “Remnant” and “Override” so that you can define a daily maximum number of impressions. Having a daily budget on a Remnant or Override campaigns is similar to a Contract campaign, with one important difference: Contract campaigns are supposed to deliver their target number of impressions, whereas a Remnant campaign with BudgetiX will never go over the daily budget.
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The Geolocation Magic Macros plugin for Revive Adserver, Magic Geo in short, enables you to dynamically insert the name of the geographic location of a visitor into a banner. This can be used in both the HTML code and the destination URL. Using this new feature, you can automatically make a banner adjust its content to the location of a visitor.

Retargeting plugin for Revive Adserver

This advanced retargeting and behavioral targeting plugin enables Revive Adserver users to deliver advertising campaigns to visitors who are most likely to be interested in the products or services being promoted. This is done by capturing and storing data about the visitor’s surfing behavior, search behavior, or demographic data. Then, ads can be targeted to this known data about the visitor.

Our free plugins

There are also a number of free plugins for Revive Adserver we developed.