Quova geotargeting plugin for OpenX

By on May 30, 2011 in Custom plugins, Free plugins |

QuovaWe recently worked with Quova, a company specializing in IP to location data and services. They commissioned us to develop a custom OpenX plugin that enables OpenX users to make use of the Quova Geo IP API. The plugin, once installed and configured, provides geotargeting capabilities that are similar to those of other providers.

Quova powers the geotargeting feature in the new OpenX Enterprise 3.0 (available as a hosted solution only), but now their geotargeting feature is available to OpenX Source v2.8 users as well. They offer two flavors, an On Demand Hosted Service and an On Premise GeoDirectory service. This plugin is free of charge, but there may be charges for using Quova’s IP to Location lookup services.

Download the Quova Geotargeting plugin for OpenX, developed by AdserverPlugins.com, and read the installation and configuration instructions on their developer pages to get the maximum benefit from this plugin.