Examples of Text Link Plus banners, created using a custom Revive Adserver plugin (click to enlarge)

We recently developed a custom plugin that enables ad operations staff to easily create banners in Revive Adserver that contain both small images and text links. This could of course be done using a procedure that involves uploading the image to a known web location and then creating an HTML banner. The downside of that process, however, is that it is easy to make mistakes, it’s time consuming and it requires technical skills and experience that ad operations staff often don’t have.

Entering data for a Text Link Plus banner (click to enlarge)

The plugin we developed displays data entry fields for the various elements of this “Text Link Plus” ad and it even resizes the images that’s uploaded to the correct dimensions for the ad’s available space.

When the user clicks the “Save Changes” button, the plugin will upload the selected image from the local disk to the server and resize it. Next it creates a custom banner that displays in the required format and dimensions automatically. The user can also edit an existing banner, which will even show a preview of the banner as with any of the standard banner types in Revive Adserver.

We feel this is an excellent example of the power of the Revive Adserver plugin framework. If you have a need for something similar, or if you would like to discuss having your own custom plugin developed, you can contact us using the form below.

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