How to install BudgetiX

The BudgetiX plugin can quickly and easily be installed just like any other plugin.

Step 1: Install Loader plugin

In order to install BudgetiX, you’ll first need to install and configure the Loader plugin and the associated SourceGuardian PHP extension. The loader plugin and the SourceGuardian PHP extension are both free of charge.

Once you’ve completed this, you can proceed with the installation of BudgetiX.

Step 2: Install BudgetiX

You will have received the BudgetiX plugin (file name after you’ve purchased your license. Store it on your local disk, and do not decompress it. Do not change the file name, and make sure that the B in Budget remains a capital B.

Next, follow the instructions to Install a plugin in Revive Adserver to install the BudgetiX plugin.

Once you’ve completed these steps, continue to the instructions on configuring BudgetiX for your specific situation.