Release Notes for Redis Logging plugin for Revive Adserver

This page contains an overview of the releases of the Redis Plugin for Revive Adserver, and the changes that were incorporated in each release.

v2.1.2 – Published May 17, 2017

  • Support for MySLQi
  • Support for PHP7

v2.1.1 – Published November 17, 2015

Internal API change

v2.1.0 – Published October 20, 2015

Introduced support for distributed maintenance, enabling the creation of multi-tiered server cluster architectures

v2.0.0 – Published October 15, 2015

Introduced support for logging of VAST video events in Redis

v1.3.2 – Published February 23, 2015

Bug fix: Socket path setting should not be required

v1.3.1 – Published February 17, 2015

  • Added error message when maintenance can’t connect to database
  • Introduced support for SourceGuardian encoding and Loader dependency

v1.3.0 – Published July 11, 2014

  • Added: Maintenance support for extra plugin
  • Added: Support for prefixes for Redis databases
  • Bug fix: Fix setting w/underscores, not supported by Revive

v1.0.0 – Published May 4, 2014

Initial public release

March 20, 2013

Start of development