Important note about open sourcing the VidiX plugin

The VidiX plugin has been open sourced in September 2023, and it became an integral part of the Revive Adserver software.

Read the full announcement.

By default, Revive Adserver will use a media type “video/x-mp4” for a pre-roll video with a media file designated as MP4.

Some users have found that their video player or their publisher integration requires that this is changed to “video/mp4”.

There is still much debate about the correct type for MP4 media files. It is not by definition that systems require video/mp4, some do actually insist on video/x-mp4.

For reasons of backward compatibility, VidiX will return “video/x-mp4” just like the Revive Adserver core software. However, we have created a modifying parameter to instruct VidiX to change it to “video/mp4”.

To do this, simply add “&mp4=1” to the end of the VAST2 invocation code generated by the ad server.

This might look like:

Once you do this, the XML output VidiX produces will contain type=’video/mp4′.