MP4 media files and file type

By default, Revive Adserver will use a media type “video/x-mp4” for a pre-roll video with a media file designated as MP4.

Some users have found that their video player or their publisher integration requires that this is changed to “video/mp4”.

There is still much debate about the correct type for MP4 media files. It is not by definition that systems require video/mp4, some do actually insist on video/x-mp4.

For reasons of backward compatibility, VidiX will return “video/x-mp4” just like the Revive Adserver core software. However, we have created a modifying parameter to instruct VidiX to change it to “video/mp4”.

To do this, simply add “&mp4=1” to the end of the VAST2 invocation code generated by the ad server.

This might look like:

Once you do this, the XML output VidiX produces will contain type=’video/mp4′.