New Free Plugin for OpenX: Geolocation Magic Macros

The team at is proud to announce their newest free plugin for the OpenX Ad Server: Geolocation Magic Macros.

Geolocation Magic MacrosThe Geolocation Magic Macros plugin for OpenX, Magic Geo in short, enables you to dynamically insert the name of the geographic location of a visitor into a banner. This can be used in both the HTML code and the destination URL. Using this new feature, you can automatically make a banner adjust its content to the location of a visitor.


The banner below demonstrates this by showing your country name and country code, and the name of the continent, and a link to a Wikipedia article about your country.

The code used in this HTML banner looks like this:
You are currently in <a href="{}" title="read about {} on Wikipedia" target="_blank">{}, country code {geo.country_code}</a>, which is part of {geo.continent}.

More information and download

We have prepared a product page containing all information, documentation and a link to download this free Geolocation Magic Macros plugin for OpenX.

Your feedback is more than welcome

Please let us know your thoughts, experience and suggestions for this plugin using the comments below this post.

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Erik Geurts is a full time OpenX community consultant. With over 10 years of experience and clients on all continents, he is co-founder of


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